Obesity genes: predispositions can be fought

Some make it against the odds...Muggsy

Some make it against the odds…Muggsy

Been ‘predisposed’ to fat gain is a common conundrum of the planet. Some perceive fat accumulation like an inevitable and relentless happening dooming to a conclusion, giving up all the efforts.

Genetics indeed does play a worth-of-notice role in obesity, as it does in many of our lives troubles. Just like in sports, genes seem to create a solid background that determines the path of our dreams; the same applies to our looks, IQ, you can blame genes for whatever you like.  But as the most talented kid does not always make a good player, the opposite can sometimes be true.

If indeed genes can be used to make predictions of one’s life, science shows that will is more important.

A big cluster of genes has been identified which is linked to obesity, the mean fat genes.

One large study screened for such genes in a 20 thousand people population to identify genetically-at-risk subjects. They monitored the sample for almost four years, assigning a lifestyle modification to some of them.

Not surprisingly, the odds of increased obesity risk were reduced by 40% in the active vs inactive individuals. Reduced obesity incidence was relevant even at low levels of physical activity in these obesity susceptible people.

This study is important because it sheds further light on how important the environment is on our features and that what we do defines what we are, been this our shape, our skills and even our persona.

So keep fighting.




Li et al 2010 Physical activity attenuates the genetic predisposition….PLOS MED


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